I See Your Beating Heart: a mother’s cantata

I-see-your-beating-heartVarious People Inc in association with Adelaide Festival Centre…

Trace the hopes and fears held within this everyday miracle

I See Your Beating Heart is an intimate, beautiful and haunting work that explores a woman’s journey to motherhood.

Three female singers with piano, violin and ‘cello  – a little bit jazz, a little bit Celtic, a little bit classical – with stunning images of the infant child.

Music by Richard Chew  |  Words by Sheila Hill

Creative Producer: Cheryl Pickering
Photography / Lighting Design: Nic Mollison
Designer: Bec Francis
Production Manager: Emma O’Neill


I See Your Beating Heart – A Mother’s Cantata, like their previous two recent works, certainly confirms Various People’s appetite for the different, the excellent and the innovative.
Peter Maddern, Kryztoff RAW

‘To the beat of my heart’ by Sophie Perri, City Messanger, July 4, 2012
‘From inside to outside the womb’ by Graham Strahle, The Adelaide Review, July 2012
Further information: Adelaide Festival Centre 2012