Conversations is a complex, ambitious and immersive work, inspired by the courage displayed by refugees caught up in the current global crisis.  The work unfolds through a series of spaces, asking the audience and performers to journeying together through film, music and story.

The ‘conversations’ are between art forms and artists, between cultures and expectations, and ultimately between individual human beings as we approach one of the most complex problems of our time.

Conversations does not seek to replicate a real-life journey taken by others. Rather it is a poetic representation of the experience of displacement and of the search for refuge. Conversations creates an experience that is lyrical but also unexpected, and the structure of the production is designed to empower the audience with the knowledge that one individual can do something, and that together we can initiate positive change.

Conversations includes music by South Australian composer Anne Cawrse and film by James Kalisch. Development partners include the Australian Refugee Association and Baptistcare via its Friendship program. Discussions are under way with potential production partners.

Audience feedback from the November 2017 development:

I found it deeply moving. I emerged from the experience almost speechless. It had touched my innermost being.

Thank you for a magnificent show!

 The experience will stay with us for quite some time, I know.

As always, your theatrical-personal-political-humanitarian instincts are well aligned and your vision played out in an affecting way.

All the elements of the production were of the highest artistic quality and executed with the greatest restraint to create an aesthetic of rare beauty and depth.